English Coaching

Do you want to improve your English?

Online English coaching is what you need and we have many different trainers that teach via Skype.

So you want to invest in your future and improve your English?

As our introductory offer you can receive 30 minutes twice a week of online English coaching for just 25 Euro a week.

In the future I will charge 40 Euro for the two half-hour lessons a week, but right now you have the opportunity to pay only half of the normal price.

We are specialized in business English with a focus on telephoning, emails, presentations, meetings, negotiating, socializing, interviews, travel, management and small talk. Of course other subjects are also possible.

For the first time we are also able to offer lessons specially tailored to the needs of certain professions – for example: technical english, tourism, marketing, business law, human resources, logistics managment, aviation, restaurant/catering, accounting/finance and also a course on how to work across cultures.

Is there something of interest for you or maybe for someone you know?

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