Tourism for English – Free Lesson

English for International Tourism is a language course designed to cater for learners studying for vocational qualifications in the travel trade and for working professionals undertaking in-service language training. The course deals with the language of tourism from an insider’s occupational perspective rather than of the individual traveller. However, students do not need first hand knowledge of the industry because, it is not technical or over-specialised in nature.

  • Brings the working world into the classroom with a wide range of authentic materials taken from sources including the acclaimed Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Travel Guides
  • Brings the working world into the classroom with authentic material from companies within the tourism industry
  • Improves professional communication skills with strategies for workplace situations such as giving advice, taking bookings, dealing with complaints
  • Develops key grammar, skills, vocabulary and pronunciation through the comprehensive integrated syllabus

Effective English language and interpersonal skills are now an essential job requirement in the hotel and tourism industries. In a global working environment where employees are in constant contact with each other and the public, the ability to use English is an absolute necessity.


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